Social Concerns

Social Concerns Commission

To assist with the needs of the community.

The membership of this commission should include parishioners knowledgeable in community organizations, empathetic towards human problems and sensitive to issues of social justice.

Responsibilities are coordinate efforts to care for the needy and to take action and organize efforts on their behalf. Oversee and coordinate both services and action in the parish. Become aware of the needs of those around us and educate others to become aware, e.g. missions and the Samaritan Center.

Chairman: Barb Schmid
Secretary: Wanda Schaefer
Amy Bax
Sandie Cope
Angie Kliethermes
Rita Kroll
Ann LeCure
Vic Lovell
Carmen Samson
Cindy Stegemann

Council Members are Janet Rademan and Angie Sturm.