St. Martin Catholic School

St. Martin Catholic School

St. Martins, Missouri

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Prayer to St. Martin de Tours

St. Martin, helper of those in need, your strength was trust. You gave until you had only your necessities and you shared them. You allowed the Holy Spirit to guide you in this sacrificial giving because you trusted God in you. You trusted that your work was Holy - you lived this trust. We ask your intercession before Jesus that we may have Vision to See, Faith to Believe and the Courage to do. Amen

The mission of St. Martin School is to teach a life of Prayer, Leadership, Love, Service and Kindness through
Catholic Education.

UTV Ticket Ordering Options

Draw Date: July 12, 2020 at the Picnic or LIVE on Facebook

Here is a link to order physical tickets to pick up at school for selling.  Your account will be charged when ticket stubs are returned.  We ask that you return any unsold tickets by June 15, 2020 so that others may have the availability to sell them.

Here is a link for school families to purchase tickets to be billed to their FACTS Family account.  This online ticket takes the place of a paper ticket.

Here is a link to share with non-school families to purchase and pay for UTV tickets online: This online ticket takes the place of a paper ticket.

Here is a link to set up a time to drop off completed ticket stubs:

As an incentive, for every 10 tickets your family sells, you will receive a $50 SCRIP Gift Certificate.  SCRIP Gift Certificates will be issued the week of July 13-17, 2020.

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FACTS Student Information System (SIS) links. Our school District Code is SMS-MO.

You can support St. Martin School simply by shopping AmazonSmile. Shop for everyone at and Amazon donates to St. Martin School. You can use AmazonSmile all year long and we receive a percentage of your order. Please bookmark the link.

Plus, you can still buy SCRIP online to help support our school.  Simply click on the link in the left column to learn more.

Teachers & Staff

Mrs. Julie Clingman,
Mrs. Rosemary Bardwell,
8th Grade
Mrs. Andrea Benne,
PreK & Preschool Director
Mrs. Debbie Boeckman,
Social Media & Web Specialist
Ms. Kelly Boeckman,
2nd Grade
Mrs. Janet Branson,
Preschool Aide
Mrs. Cara Carel,
Lunch Director
Mrs. Dawn Crader,
5th Grade
Ms. Anne Donovan,
3rd Grade
Mrs. Andrea Fender,
Mrs. Jenna Perrey,
Aftercare Director
Mrs. Heather Henley,
4th Grade
Mrs. Leann Higgins,
3rd Grade
Mr. T.J. Higgins,
Music & Band
Mr. Travis Higgins,
Maintenance Director
Mrs. Angie Hodges,
1st Grade
Mrs. Katelyn Knox,
Ms. Pickett Lee, Art
Mrs. Susie Meller,
Long Term Sub 1st Grade
Mr. Michael Metzger,
Physical Education
Ms. Ashley Moore,
Mr. David Prey,
Athletic Director
Mrs. Chrissie Woehrer,
7th Grade
Ms. Samantha Yarnell,
6th Grade
Mrs. Julia Hinton,
Mrs. Kelsey Rademan,
PreK Aide
Ms. Lisa Silvey,
Mrs. Janice Smith,
2nd Grade
Mrs. April Smallwood,
Preschool Aide
Mrs. Shannon Schroer,
1st Grade