Teachers and Staff

St. Martin Catholic School

St. Martins, Missouri

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School Contact Information

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Julie Clingman, Principal - principal@stmartinjc.org

Mrs. Cara Carel, Lunch Director - ccarel@stmartinjc.org

Mrs. Andrea Fender, Secretary - school@stmartinjc.org

Mr. Travis Higgins, Maintenance Director - maintenance@stmartinjc.org

Mr. David Prey, Athletic Director - dprey.sms.ad@gmail.com

Mrs. April Smallwood, Aftercare Director -  asmallwood@stmartinjc.org

Homeroom Teachers

PreK Director, Mrs. Andrea Benne -  abenne@stmartinjc.org

PreK 3, Ms. Ashley Moore - amoore@stmartinjc.org

Kindergarten, Mrs. Julia Hinton - jhinton@stmartinjc.org

Kindergarten, Ms. Lisa Silvey - lsilvey@stmartinjc.org

1st Grade, Mrs. Shannon Schroer - sschroer@stmartinjc.org

2nd Grade, Ms. Kelly Boeckman - kboeckman@stmartinjc.org

3rd Grade, Ms. Anne Donovan - adonovan@stmartinjc.org

3rd Grade, Mrs. Leann Higgins - lhiggins@stmartinjc.org

4th Grade, Mrs. Heather Henley - hhenley@stmartinjc.org

4th Grade, Mrs. Ashton Riegel - ariegel@@stmartinjc.org

5th Grade, Mrs. Dawn Crader - dcrader@stmartinjc.org

6th Grade, Ms. Samantha Yarnell - syarnell@stmartinjc.org

7th Grade, Mrs. Chrissie Woehrer - cwoehrer@stmartinjc.org

8th Grade, Mrs. Rosemary Bardwell - rbardwell@stmartinjc.org

Specials Teachers

Art, Ms. Pickett Lee - plee@stmartinjc.org

Music & Band, Mr. T.J. Higgins - thiggins@stmartinjc.org

Physical Education, Mr. Michael Metzger - mmetzger@stmartinjc.org

Science, Mrs. Katelyn Knox - kknox@stmartinjc.org